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Bolivia is situated in South America and is neighboured by Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru. The country has a rich culture, beautiful landscapes and a variety of climatic zones and the people a very warm and welcoming which makes it easy to get in contact with the local population.

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  • Population: 225,000 habitants

  • Type: Large cultural city

  • Climate: Warm summers, mild winters
    Average annual temperature: 20°C (68°F)

  • Description: The city of Sucre is an historian's and culture seeker's playground as the location and surrounding area is richly steeped in history. Sucre is such a picturesque city offering its visitors so much hospitality.

Study Spanish in Bolivia

Bolivia boasts a mixture of weather and visitors to this country will certainly enjoy a variety of climatic zones. The Western highland region of Bolivia takes in the Andes whilst the Eastern lowlands area consists of large pieces of the Amazonian rainforests.

Sucre is the capital city of Bolivia and it boasts a beautiful scenic setting in a valley that is surrounded by low mountain ranges. The houses are all impeccably whitewashed with delightfully pretty patios.

A destination that you must visit in the South-western region of Bolivia is Salar de Uyuni; this is a vision that will remain with you always as it is the biggest salt flat throughout the world. It measures 10,582km² and is estimated to hold approximately 10 billion tons of salt. There is a salt hotel and the salt flats also play host to 3 flamingo colonies each November when they use the area as their breeding ground.

La Plaz is a city within Bolivia; it is very peculiar to observe for the first time because all the buildings and houses appear to be built into the side of a canyon that forms a valley.

With Spanish being the native language of the country Bolivia is a wonderful location to study the language, the scenery is truly breathtaking as is the culture.

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